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Ceili Wallace

Alumni Marketing and Membership

Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School

Class of 2018, Community Health 

Plymouth State University

Class of 2021, Business Administration 

Human Resources Administrative Assistant/Housing Associate,

Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

Zumba/Balletone Instructor, Old Colony YMCA-Plymouth


What SkillsUSA activities did you participate in during high school?

I attended both Fall States and State Conferences all four years. I was a voting delegate all four years at States. In 2017, my junior year I ran for state office. I was the State Ambassador from 2017-2018.

What is your favorite thing about the Alumni Association?

My favorite part is being able to continue on my journey with the organization and share the love that I have had for it. I am part of a legacy where my Dad was an officer in 1987-1988 and followed in his footsteps. I also love being able to work with the Alumni that were there for me during my time as a student.

What is your favorite memory about being an alumni member?

My favorite memory is that throughout the chaos and last minute changes we make things works while having fun doing it. Also, just the feedback you get from the students when you assist them in any way, the appreciation just makes it all worth it.


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