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Dakota Chixarro

Member at Large


Greater New Bedford RVTHS

Class of 2019, Legal and Protective Services

Deputy Chief, Westfield State University Department of Public Safety Student Security Unit

Emergency Medical Technician, Hilltown Community Ambulance Association

How long have you been an alumni member?

I joined upon graduating high school in 2019.


What SkillsUSA activities did you participate in in High School?

I participated in the FSLC my Sophomore, before competing at Districts and States as a State Officer Candidate. Upon election, I had the privilege of serving as the State Parliamentarian from 2017-2018, and State President from 2018-2019. I attended the Region 1 and Washington Leadership Training Institute. My senior year, I had the opportunity to participate in the SAiL conference.


What is your favorite thing about the alumni?

My favorite thing about the alumni is that it offers a hands on, dedicated way to remain involved in the organization after graduating

What is your favorite memory about being an alumni member?

I wanted to become an alumni member to give back to the organization and its members. Someone did it for me when I was a student member, and I wanted to carry that honor when I became an alumni of making sure every member feels significant, valued, and included

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