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Code of Conduct

1. Be on time and prepared for all SkillsUSA Alumni events.

2. Be respectful and appropriate in all interactions with advisors, students, and other SkillsUSA associates.

3. Trust each other and be trust worthy. Keep the commitments that you make and be honest about what you can commit.

4. Come with a “Can Do Attitude”. Remember, every job is important!

5. Be appropriate and respectful during interactions with your fellow SkillsUSA Alumni members. If a male and female Alumni are in a sleeping room, the door must remain open. Any conflicts among Alumni members should be resolved quickly and openly. Treat each other the way you would like to be treated.

6. Respect all hotel property and staff. Keep conference rooms and common areas neat and clean. Be responsible with all SkillsUSA property.

7. Be positive and enthusiastic. Avoid complaining. Remember, if you are tired, so is everyone else.

8. Take care of yourselves and each other. When your daily responsibilities have ended, get some sleep. When it is time to eat, make sure you eat. Taking care of yourself ensures that you will be at your best for our students.

9. Be a role model to SkillsUSA members. After curfew, all Alumni members should be quiet and respectful. Let your words and actions be a positive example for all SkillsUSA members.

10. Work as a team! Utilize the skills and experiences of your fellow Alumni Members.

11. Be aware of your surroundings! Know who is around you when you are having a conversation!

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