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Social Media Policy

SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni & Friends Association has put in place a Social Media Policy as a guide to all alumni members regarding posts to social networking websites. Social media is described as any website or medium (including video) that allows for communication with the public. This includes, but is not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, blogs, etc. This policy has been put in place to protect you, SkillsUSA, SkillsUSA Massachusetts and the SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni & Friends Association.

  1. Massachusetts SkillsUSA Alumni has numerous Social Media pages that are owned and managed exclusively by members of the Alumni Executive Council. Ownership of these pages belongs to the SkillsUSA Alumni Board and not any board member whose current job includes posting to or monitoring these accounts. Do not create a social media page for SkillsUSA.

  2. Be aware of your association with SkillsUSA/SkillsUSA Alumni in online social networks. If you identify yourself as a SkillsUSA member or have a public facing position for which your SkillsUSA association is known to the general public, ensure your profile and related content (even if it is of a personal and not an official nature) is consistent with how you wish to present yourself as a SkillsUSA Alumni professional, appropriate with the public trust associated with your position.  

  3. Recognize that you are liable for anything you write or present online. The public image of SkillsUSA Alumni members in social media, if they can be associated with SkillsUSA and or the Alumni Association, does matter. Malicious, offensive, disparaging remarks, untruthful statements, demeaning behavior, and illegal substance use, are all examples of behavior that can initiate a non invite or a request to not apply from any and all future SkillsUSA/SkillsUSA Alumni events/affiliation. Alumni members can also be disciplined by the Alumni Executive Council and/or Board of Directors for commentary, content, or images that are defamatory, lewd, proprietary, harassing, libelous, or that can create a hostile environment at SkillsUSA events.

  4. SkillsUSA Alumni encourages you to write knowledgeably and accurately using appropriate professionalism. Speak respectfully about SkillsUSA,SkillsUSA Massachusetts, SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni, our current and potential members, and current and potential partners/affiliations. Despite any disclaimers you make, your social media posts can result in members of the public forming opinions about SkillsUSA and its members, alumni, and partners. Do not engage in any behavior that will reflect negatively on the reputation of SkillsUSA or SkillsUSA Alumni.

  5. SkillsUSA Alumni members may not initiate contact or accept requests for social networking with students they meet at SkillsUSA events. The term student refers to anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who is currently enrolled in a SkillsUSA affiliated high school. This includes those who are 18 years of age or older, but are still enrolled in high school. If a SkillsUSA student member finds your personal social networking profile and requests to be linked as a friend, you must respectfully decline. Any exceptions, including prior relationships, are subject to written explanation and approval from the Alumni Board.

  6. SkillsUSA Alumni members shall not post any pictures or videos of minors/students in SkillsUSA programs/events/activities/or on SkillsUSA conference sites on their personal social network pages.

  7. It is important that social media platforms are monitored for negative comments about SkillsUSA/SkillsUSA Alumni. If you are aware of negative comments posted about SkillsUSA/SkillsUSA Alumni, please contact the Alumni President and/or Alumni Advisor with your concerns.


Tips to protect yourself.

  1. Use common sense when using social networking websites.

  2. Make your online profiles private/unsearchable.

  3. Do not accept “friend” invitations from minors/students.

  4. Do not affiliate yourself with SkillsUSA/SkillsUSA Alumni.

  5. Do not post photos of minors/students associated with SkillsUSA.

  6. Have no expectation of privacy.

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