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Alumni executive council

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The Alumni Executive Committee is the governing body of the SkillsUSA Massachusetts Alumni & Friends Association. Comprised of a minimum of 5 voting board members, and one non-voting advisor, all board members are volunteers committed to the betterment of the Alumni Association and SkillsUSA Massachusetts. The Committee meets regularly to discuss and decide on how to progress the organization’s goals.  During conferences, they provide leadership and guidance to the alumni members. All board members serve a 3-year term.

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joseph girouard


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Megan Mills

Vice President

Copy of Alumni2022-2023-3.jpg
ceili wallace

Membership and Marketing Officer

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Katie girouard


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samantha Dove


Copy of Alumni2022-2023-4.jpg
kaitlyn Cahill

Member at Large

Dakota Chixaro

Member at Large

Ashley mello

Member at Large

Copy of Alumni2022-2023-9.jpg
Brady McCarron


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