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Bradley Taylor

Alumni District 4 Representative


Greater Lowell Technical High School

Class of 2009, Outdoor Power Equipment

Greater Lowell Technical High School, HVAC Maintenance


How long have you been an alumni member?

I have Been a member of the SkillsUSA MA Alumni Since 2016.

What SkillsUSA activities did you participate in in High School? 

In High school I was elected as a chapter officer. I competed in my technical area of Outdoor Power Equipment, in which I was able to make it to Nationals.

What is your favorite thing about the alumni?

My favorite thing about the alumni association is the amount of dedication everyone puts into making each and every event a great experience for all of the members.

What is your favorite memory about being an alumni member?

My favorite memory would have to be my first Fall State Leadership Conference as an Alumni. At the awards ceremony, after the 3 days spent together it was a great feeling having the kids come up thanking me for making it the best weekend they have had. As well as seeing how excited they got when they got called for an award. It reminded me of how I felt when I was in their shoes.

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